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EU citizens' dialogue: A Different Kind of EU Summit: Citizens' Dialogue in The Hague

We and the EU Commission issued an invitation to a major event – the EU Citizens' Dialogue in The Hague, which took place about a week before the European Parliament elections. 120 European citizens, chosen at random from five different EU countries, met to discuss one subject in four languages: Europe. Lively cross-border interest in Europe affairs, and the efforts of numerous interpreters, ensured that the event was not a Babylonian confusion of languages, but a genuinely European dialogue.

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Event: Oettinger: "Europe must not turn into an open-air museum"

Brexit, the rise of populism in Europe and growing conflicts with the USA and China: Things could get a little uncomfortable for the EU with European elections coming up this year. At our event in Berlin, EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger made a case for a strong, united Europe.

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EU Citizens' Dialogue: French Citzens' Panel on the future of Europe

In the framework of the Citizens' Consultations 52 citizens from across France meet from October 25 to 27, 2018 in Paris to talk about the future of Europe. The format was a premiere in France. The Bertelsmann Stiftung analysed and evaluated the French Citizens' Panel.

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EU CITIZENS' DIALOGUE: Europe on an equal footing: EU citizens' dialogue in Passau

A citizens' dialogue recently held in the southeastern German town of Passau gave citizens a forum in which they could debate issues with members of the European Parliament, mayors and Martin Selmayr, the Secretary-General of the European Commission. Citizens of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic were invited to discuss questions on European social and refugee policies as well as living together in the Danube-Vltava border region.

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Analysis: Youth and the European Citizens' Initiative: an opportunity for the EU

Brussels wants to improve the European Citizens' Initiative. The Parliament, the Commission and the Council are on board, though not fully in agreement. Not lowering the minimum age from 18 to 16 would be a missed opportunity for the EU. But there is still resistance from the Council.

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: European Citizens' Panel on the future of Europe

The European Commission brought together 100 citizens from all 27  EU Member States to discuss the future of Europe. The Bertelsmann Stiftung evaluated the consultation and helped to design the event.

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EU CITIZENS’ DIALOGUE: Among Friends and Critics of the EU on the German-Polish Border

We recently hosted a citizens’ dialogue in Frankfurt (Oder), a city on the German-Polish border, organized in partnership with the Berlin-based Representation of the European Commission. Politicians, university-level students and citizens from Poland and Germany were asked to discuss their visions for the European Union.    

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Democracy Study: The European Citizens' Initiative is largely unknown and hardly has any impact

One million EU citizens can use their signature to ask the European Commission to draft a legislative proposal. But, as our study demonstrates, the media prefer to report on the EU's democracy deficit much more than on this participation instrument, the European Citizens' Initiative. As the Commission has acknowledged itself, the citizens' initiative is overly complicated.