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SHORTCUT 5 - March 2021

Transnational Citizens’ Dialogues 

Making a success of digital citizen participation in multiple languages

In Transnational Citizens' Dialogues, randomly selected citizens from different countries come together and exchange ideas. In transnational groups, they co-create ideas and proposals and then discuss them directly with policymakers.  

Our SHORTCUT is a collection of experiences and findings from five pilot projects where we demonstrate how Transnational Citizens’ Dialogues work, both as real and digital events.

If the EU wants to take its slogan of a "citizens' Europe" seriously, it needs new cross-border participation formats. The upcoming "Conference on the Future of Europe" will only be a success if discussions between citizens and politicians are not limited to national discourses.

Download the SHORTCUT as PDF here.

Message to go:

Europe needs modern citizen participation formats. Transnational digital Citizens’ Dialogues are valuable, but we need to improve the integration of new formats into political decision-making processes.
SHORTCUT 5 - Transnational Citizens' Dialogues


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