EU-India free trade agreement could result in an annual increase in the EU's GDP of up to €21 billion

Given the rising uncertainty about the relations with the USA the EU is seeking to orientate itself more towards Asia. India is considered a dynamically growing market, however, it is still relatively closed in regard to global trade. A free trade agreement could provide new stimulus and could result in an annual increase in the EU's GDP.

Strengthening Economies

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Policy Brief

Seizing the Moment for an Euro Area Reform

The election of Emmanuel Macron as French President gave renewed hope to proponents of the European integration project after the blow of Brexit. There is now a momentum that Berlin and Paris could agree on the view that the euro is incomplete and cannot last without major reforms. We set out proposals for a staged but lasting and workable reform. read more

Participants of a discussion panel sit in armchairs on the podium during the Bertelsmann Foundation's annual conference.


Technological Innovation Promises to Reshape Global Economy

Digitization will disrupt the labor market. This was the main result of the Bertelsmann Foundation's annual conference in Washington. read more

Ein chinesisches Containerschiff liegt im Hamburger Hafen vor Anker. Von rechts ragen Verladekräne über das Schiff.


Europe needs China – and vice versa

Beginning December 11, China expects the EU to treat it like a country with market economy status – as laid out in the agreement Beijing signed when it joined the WTO in 2001. But what consequences could follow? read more

Improving Education

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Ein Mann und eine Frau stehen in einem Büroraum und blicken in auf ein Schriftstück in einer Arbeitsmappe.


Recognizing non-formal and informal competences

A new study shows: European countries need a binding validation system for non-formally or informally acquired competences. read more

Eine Frau nimmt einen Tablet-PC, der zwischen mehreren Büchern steckt, aus einem Bücherregal.


Foundations launch initiative for teaching and learning in a digitalized world

There are many offerings for digital education but a common strategy is missing. The Forum Education and Digitalisation shall change that. read more

Advancing Society

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Detailed view of a printed circuit board.

Working paper

How algorithms can promote participation

Algorithms influence our lives in many areas. We introduce a method which can be used to evaluate ADM processes to see to what degree they can affect social participation. read more

Dutzende Menschen, vermutlich Flüchtlinge, laufen in einer breiten Reihe auf einem grasbewachsenen Hügel entlang.


Displacement's vicious circle: combating the causes, offering practical help

Why do more and more people flee from their native countries? What can we do against the reasons of escape and how can we help refugees in Europe? Our book with international authors tries to find answers. read more

Photo from former Estonian President and recipient of the 2017 Reinhard Mohn Prize Toomas Hendrik Ilves.


Toomas Hendrik Ilves receives the Reinhard Mohn Prize 2017

This year's Reinhard Mohn Prize "Smart Country: Connected. Intelligent. Digital." will go to Toomas Hendrik Ilves, the former President of Estonia. We award him the prize in honor of his pioneering work on the promotion of digitalization in government, education and public services. read more

A young woman is standing on a balcony looking pensively.


European economic crisis: Young people are hardest hit

High youth unemployment, people, who cannot live on what they earn despite working full time, and one EU citizen in four facing poverty: Despite an increasing employment rate in the European Union many challenges remain. read more

Vitalizing Culture

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Gruppenfoto mit den Endrundenteilnehmern der NEUEN STIMMEN 2015 auf der Bühne des Theaters Gütersloh.

Singing Competition

Starting shot for the NEUE STIMMEN 2017: Apply now!

Our NEUE STIMMEN International Singing Competition starts into a new round. Apply until March 31 and start your Opera career! read more

LIz Mohn, Präsidentin der NEUEN STIMMEN und Gustav Kuhn, künsterlischer Leiter des Meisterkurses am Konzertabend mit den internationalen Meisterkursteilnehmern.

Singing Competition

Eleventh NEUE STIMMEN Master Class concludes with gala concert

Thirteen young opera singers from twelve nations took to the stage on October 29 for the concert concluding the 2016 NEUE STIMMEN Master Class. read more

Shaping Democracy

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Low and socially divided turnout harms Germany´s Democracy. To vote by mail - the only flexible way to cast one´s Ballot - citizens still have ... read more

Promoting Health

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The Digital Patient

Whereas all healthcare stakeholders agree that digitization is changing their field, there are many different views regarding the opportunities and limits inherent to this trend. Our project offers studies, strategic action plans and forums for debate. read more

Eine junge Pflegefachkraft im Gespräch mit einer älteren Dame.


The nursing-care industry in Germany is struggling with international recruitment efforts

German companies remain reluctant to pro-actively recruit foreign workers. However, that is precisely what is needed today, as the example of the nursing-care industry in Germany makes clear. read more