BTI 2018

Democracy under Pressure: Polarization and Repression Are Increasing Worldwide

Restrictions on free speech, unfair elections and populist hunger for power – it is by no means just autocrats who have been tightening the screw of repression. Governments in democracies have also increasingly been trying to govern with a hard hand. And social division is deeper than it has been for a long time. Our current Transformation Index BTI shows what is behind this development, and which countries have been particularly affected.

Strengthening Economies

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Several globes next to each other

Vision Europe Summit 2017

Policy recommendations to make everybody benefit from globalization

Globalization brought growth and prosperity to many countries, but not all citizens benefited from it. This conference declaration contains policy recommendations expressed by leaders of eight European Think Tanks and foundations in order to turn more people into winners of globalization. read more

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Policy Recommendations

Prosperity for all? Germany needs a new inclusive economic policy

If prosperity is to be shared by everyone, the country needs a sustainable, inclusive growth model. Our publication shows how this is can be achieved. read more

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How German SMEs can benefit from the Startup Nation Israel

Our study shows far-reaching potential in the close cooperation between German and Israeli businesses. read more

Improving Education

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Ein Mann und eine Frau stehen in einem Büroraum und blicken in auf ein Schriftstück in einer Arbeitsmappe.


Recognizing non-formal and informal competences

A new study shows: European countries need a binding validation system for non-formally or informally acquired competences. read more

Indian high-skilled migrants in Germany


Indian high-skilled migrants and international students in Germany

Since a few years more and more Indian students and experts are coming to Germany. Our study examines their motivations and intentions of stay. read more

Advancing Society

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Joachim Gauck gives a speech at the anniversary celebration of the Bertelsmann Stiftung.


Joachim Gauck receives 2018 Reinhard Mohn Prize

This year's Reinhard Mohn Prize on the topic of "Living Diversity - Shaping Society" goes to former German President Joachim Gauck. read more


Book Publication

What Holds Asian Societies Together?

Many Asian economies are expanding rapidly and growing ever more complex. At the same time, however, social problems are also increasing in South, Southeast, and East Asia. So what about the social cohasion in this region? read more

A lot of people walk a city center pavement mit a EU-logo on it.

Social Justice Index

Recovery on the labour market improves social justice in the EU

Since the financial crisis began in 2008, the opportunities for people to participate in society worsened considerably in most EU states. But now a new trend is emerging. read more

View of the Alexanderplatz in Berlin being crossed by many pedestrians and different vehicles.

Policy Brief

Does Germany need a new immigration law?

Despite record levels of immigration, relatively few skilled workers are arriving among migrants from non-European countries. A new immigration law can help attract the global skilled labor Germany needs to manage demographic change. read more

Vitalizing Culture

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Mezzo-Soprano Svetlina Stoyanova from Bulgaria and Bass Cho ChanHee from South Korea, winner of 2017 NEUE STIMMEN, with Liz Mohn and Dominique Meyer, chairman of the jury.

Singing Competition

Svetlina Stoyanova and Cho ChanHee win 2017 NEUE STIMMEN International Singing Competition

Mezzo-Soprano Svetlina Stoyanova from Bulgaria and Bass Cho ChanHee from South Korea are the winners of the 17. International Singing Competition NEUE STIMMEN. read more

Elsa Dreisig, winner of the NEUEN STIMMEN 2015, at the finals in Gütersloh, Germany.

Singing Competition

NEUE STIMMEN celebrates 30th anniversary and further develops support for young opera singers

In 2017, NEUE STIMMEN is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Since its founding, the competition has become an international platform for creating careers. read more

Shaping Democracy

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GED Economic Outlook: Japan

The GED Project is launching a new series: GED Economic Outlook. In this series, we will look at what the future might bring for countries or ... read more

Promoting Health

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The Digital Patient

Whereas all healthcare stakeholders agree that digitization is changing their field, there are many different views regarding the opportunities and limits inherent to this trend. Our project offers studies, strategic action plans and forums for debate. read more

Eine junge Pflegefachkraft im Gespräch mit einer älteren Dame.


The nursing-care industry in Germany is struggling with international recruitment efforts

German companies remain reluctant to pro-actively recruit foreign workers. However, that is precisely what is needed today, as the example of the nursing-care industry in Germany makes clear. read more