VR simulation with paper planes

Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurial Dynamism

Innovations can help solve societal problems and boost economic competitiveness – in the right policy environment. We develop solutions for innovation strategies, policies and institutions that put innovation at the service of society.

Foto Daniel Schraad-Tischler
Dr. Daniel Schraad-Tischler
Foto Jan C. Breitinger
Dr. Jan C. Breitinger
Senior Project Manager
Foto Armando García Schmidt
Armando García Schmidt
Senior Project Manager
Foto Cornelia Nyssing
Cornelia Nyssing
Project Manager
Foto Melanie Wodniok
Melanie Wodniok
Project Manager
Foto Norbert Osterwinter
Norbert Osterwinter
Project Manager
Foto Daniel Posch
Daniel Posch
Project Manager
Foto Marc Wolinda
Marc Wolinda
Project Manager
Foto Birgit Riess
Birgit Riess
Foto Nicole Adams
Nicole Adams
Program Assistant
Foto Susanne Kreft
Susanne Kreft
Project Assistant
Foto Vanessa Tofing
Vanessa Tofing
Project Assistant

Our Focus Areas at a Glance