Sustainable Governance Indicators (SGI)
The SGI is a platform built on a cross-national survey of sustainable governance that identifies reform needs in 41 EU and OECD countries
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Sustainable Governance Indicators

How fit for the future are the OECD and EU states?

Many OECD and EU states are are recovering from the crisis. But in Southern Europe the social situation remains critical. Again Greece brings up the rear of the country comparison. These are the results of the new Bertelsmann Stiftung’s “Sustainable Governance Indicators 2015” (SGI).  

[Translate to English:] Eine große Menschenmenge mit Fahnen in der Hand, auf einem Platz, darüber befinden sich die Europaflagge sowie die polnische Flagge. In Hintergrund ein historisches Gebäude

Poland’s disoriented EU policy

Poland's political landscape has been in flux since 2015, reflecting a mindset shift by a disillusioned population. Its declining democratic credentials have sparked a growing distance with the rest of the European Union. And there is scant sign that bridges will be built any time soon. read more


Social Justice in the EU - Index Report 2017

Rising poverty, youth unemployment and impending sovereign bankruptcies – Europe has been undergoing a stress test almost permanently since ... read more


Sustainable Governance Indicators (SGI) - Mission

Short introduction into approach and methodology of Bertelsmann Stiftung's project Sustainable Governance Indicators (SGI) read more

The newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron giving his victory speech on election night on May 7, 2017, in front of the Louvre in Paris.


Macron's first 100 days: Convincing, but problems are already in sight

Emmanuel Macron is off to a convincing start as French president. Yet a crucial test awaits Macron at summer's end. read more


Policy Performance and Governance Capacities in the OECD and EU

Social inequality, climate change, global migration, international terrorism, and the consequences of the worldwide economic and financial crisis ... read more

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[Translate to English:] Victor Orban

Hungary before its parliamentary elections

Is Viktor Orbán a sure winner even though he is weaker?

Under Viktor Orbán, Hungary has long been an enemy of democratic values and acted as an impediment to the deepening of the European Union. Will the parliamentary elections on April 8 change that? read more

Lega chairman Matteo Salvini stands in front of a microphone during a debate in the European Parliament and speaks.


First European Country In The Hand Of Populists?

The general assumption was that the political and parliamentary landscape of Italy would become more complex after the 2018 elections. However, quite unexpected was the major political earthquake the vote has triggered. read more

Italien Parliament

Italy at the Polls

Heading towards a Badly Hung Parliament?

The Italian parliamentary elections on March 4 are expected to yield no easy results, as no party is likely to be able to form a government alone. read more

A lot of people walk a city center pavement mit a EU-logo on it.

Social Justice Index

Nosedive halted: recovery on the labour market improves social justice in the EU

Since the financial crisis began in 2008, the opportunities for people to participate in society worsened considerably in most EU states. But now a new trend is emerging. read more


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Policy Performance and Governance Capacities in the OECD and EU

Results and methodology of the SGI 2016 at a glance read more


Social Justice in the EU – Index Report 2016

Based on 36 indicators, the Social Justice Index compares the 28 EU states across six dimensions: Poverty prevention, equitable education, labor ... read more


Sustainable Development Goals: Are the rich countries ready?

The Millennium Development Goals have led to tangible progress in many developing countries. Once adopted, the United Nations' new global Sustainable ... read more


Inequality and Economic Prosperity: What Accounts for Social Justice and Inclusive Growth?

There is much debate nowadays on the massive problem of rising social and economic inequalities. Many studies criticize the disturbingly unequal ... read more