Bertelsmann Stiftung (ed.)

Christof Schiller and Thorsten Hellmann

SGI Codebook 2024

Sustainable Governance Indicators

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The primary goal of the SGI project is to facilitate successful transitions towards sustainable governance models that promote well-being within planetary boundaries and foster the creation of effective, democratically accountable, and inclusive state institutions. To uphold our commitment to driving sustainable development through forward-looking policies and governance solutions, we have methodologically revised our dataset and broadened the thematic scope (e.g., the transition towards a circular economy and a de-carbonized energy system, institutions supporting basic human needs or strategic foresight and innovation).  Our new monitoring instrument enables us to assess reform needs and capacities in 30 OECD and EU countries based on our dimensions of “Sustainable Policymaking”, “Governing with Foresight” and “Democratic Government”.

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Cover Sustainable Governance Indicators (SGI)

Wie fit sind die OECD- und EU-Staaten für die Zukunft? Das SGI-Projekt analysiert nachhaltiges Regieren im internationalen Vergleich und ermöglicht länderübergreifendes Lernen