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How fit for the future are the OECD and EU states?

The Sustainable Governance Indicators (SGI) address two of the key sociopolitical issues facing highly developed OECD and EU countries: How to achieve sustainable policy outcomes while improving policymaking for the long-term?

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The Paris Agreement serves as a global framework with the aim of averting perilous climate change. Its primary objectives are to limit global warming to a level significantly below 2°C and to strive for even greater efforts to keep the increase in temperature below 1.5°C (UNFCCC 2015). However, recent projections paint a worrisome picture, revealing that the collective commitments made by nations are still falling far short of the actions required to implement effective carbon removal strategies and curb greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 (Boehm et al. 2022). 

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Corruption slows efforts to implement sustainable policymaking in the OECD and EU

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Mounting crises: Liberal democracies must practice forward-looking governance

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