Global Economic Dynamics (GED)
We make causes and effects of complex economic dynamics and their interconnections transparent and understandable.


Global Economic Dynamics (GED)

We make causes and effects of complex economic dynamics and their interconnections transparent and understandable, using the latest tools and methods for measuring, forecasting and representation. We continuously develop new instruments in cooperation with leading scientists, research institutes and analysts.


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Project Topics

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Foreign Direct Investment and Global Value Chains

International Labor Division in a Globalized World

Cars, machines, computers - hardly any product is manufactured in just one country. Foreign direct investment (FDI) plays a crucial role in this. Companies use FDI to set up production sites, sales companies or invest in local companies in other countries. This creates increasingly complex value chains that link companies and countries. We analyze the effects of these developments on Germany and Europe. read more



The Global Data Economy

The global market no longer consists solely of the exchange of goods and services. International data traffic is growing with the increasing relevance of digital business models. But how is this changing the global economy? Is Germany prepared for digital globalization? And what rules does the global data economy need to meet consumer and business interests? read more

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Understanding and Shaping Economic Globalization

The ever closer integration of countries increases the material prosperity of the participating economies. Within the individual countries, however, there are also persons and regions for which the advancing globalization has negative income effects. We want to contribute to a better understanding of the growth and distribution effects of economic globalization and to distribute the benefits of globalization in such a way that all members of society benefit from globalization. read more

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Trade Governance

Rules for International Trade

Every market needs clear rules to function. This applies in particular to international trade in goods and services. Without rules that are binding on everyone, the world trade order would be shaped by the law of the strongest. But how can common rules be found and enforced in an international community of states driven by country-specific interests and perspectives? And what should such rules look like? read more

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Bernard Hoekman and Andreas Esche handing over the report of the High-Level Board of Experts to WTO-DG Roberto Azevêdo


DG Azevêdo Receives Experts’ Report on Future of Global Trade Governance

WTO Director-General Roberto Azevêdo met on 17 July with representatives of the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s High-Level Board of Experts to receive their report on the Future of Global Trade Governance. The report outlines four complementary avenues that can be pursued to revitalize the WTO as a forum for trade cooperation and conflict resolution. read more

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Industrialized Countries are the Winners of Globalization

The retreat into the national sphere is in vogue – especially in the industrialized countries: The election results between Washington and Berlin reflect citizens' concerns about the negative consequences of globalization. However, our Globalization Report 2018 shows that the winners of globalization are often at home where the criticism of globalization is loudest: in the industrialized countries. read more

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People want a Safety Net for Globalization and Trade

Since Donald Trump became US President, the commitment to free trade is no longer self-evident. In many countries it made way for a protectionist reflex, not only in the US. But are the citizens buying this new narrative? Our international survey analyses what people actually think about globalization, trade and protectionism. read more

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Boosting Trade in Services in the Digitalisation Era: Potential and Obstacles

While international trade in goods is stagnating, the exchange of digital services has been growing strongly over the past years. Some European economies harness the potential of this growth market well – but others lag behind. A new study identifies which countries can make better use of their potential and from which countries they can learn. read more


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North Americans Remain United on Trade, Yet Divided on NAFTA

This paper studies attitudes towards trade and the NAFTA agreement in its member countries, Canada, Mexico and the US. It finds that in all countries, ... read more


Revitalizing Multilateral Governance at the World Trade Organization

The World Trade Organization (WTO) serves as a place where trade policy issues are addressed, disputes arbitrated, legal frameworks derived and ... read more


Globalization Report 2018

The "Globalization Report 2018" examines how far individual countries benefited from in-creasing globalization between 1990 and 2016. Using the ... read more


A Safety Net to Foster Support for Trade and Globalisation

Since Donald Trump became US President, the commitment to free trade is no longer self-evident. In many countries it made way for a protectionist ... read more