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, Online Discussion: Getting the WTO Back on Course and Into Safe Waters

What the Selection of a New Director General Means for Global Trade Governance

The WTO is entering the final stages of choosing a new Director General. We take this as an opportunity to discuss what the last remaining candidates stand for and what agenda lies ahead of the new WTO Director General and global economic governance. This discussion will be held online on

October 14th at 2pm CEST.

We would like you join our online discussion with

Anabel Gonzalez
Senior Fellow
Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington DC


Tatiana Prazeres
Senior Fellow
University of International Business and Economics, Beijing

Both have intimate knowledge of the WTO and the trade governance world. Anabel Gonzalez has previously served as a Senior Director at the World Bank for Trade and Competitiveness and as Costa Rica’s Trade Minister. Tatiana Prazeres was Senior Advisor to former Director General Azevedo and a former Foreign Trade Secretary of Brazil.

The discussion will begin with an introduction on the state of play at the WTO by Emily Benson of the Bertelsmann Foundation of North America and Christian Bluth will moderate the discussion.

The event will be recorded. Please register using this link:


An overview of the WTO Director General candidates and the selection process is available in this blogpost.


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