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Ethics of Algorithms

In the project "Ethics of Algorithms" we deal with the social consequences of algorithmic decision making. We want to contribute to a design of algorithmic systems that leads to more participation for all. It is not the technically possible, but rather the socially meaningful that must be the guiding principle.


Contact Person

Foto Martin Hullin
Martin Hullin
Foto Julia Gundlach
Julia Gundlach
Senior Project Manager
Foto Sarah Fischer
Dr. Sarah Fischer
Senior Expert
Foto Felix Sieker
Dr. Felix Sieker
Project Manager
Foto Teresa Staiger
Teresa Staiger
Project Manager
Foto Vanessa Weeke
Vanessa Weeke
Project Manager
Foto Bettina Knufinke
Bettina Knufinke
Project Assistant
Foto Claudia Thies
Claudia Thies
Program Assistant
Foto Carina Wegener
Carina Wegener
Project Assistant


We Humans and the Intelligent Machines

The use of algorithms has long since ceased to be science fiction and has become reality. We must therefore re-evaluate the relationship between humans and machines. 

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Ethics of Algorithms

How do algorithms influence our everyday life? We inform and discuss about their social consequences, 
chances and possible solutions to ensure that these systems are used to serve society! 

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