Repair and Prepare: Strengthening Europe

This project delivers ideas and analyses for a stronger European economy. It covers three areas: We outline a reform agenda for the Eurozone that addresses key economic, political, and legal aspects; we propose improvements to make the European Single Market fit for the future; and we address the prospects for and determinants of sustained growth and prosperity in a Social Europe.


Publication: Legal, compliant and suitable: The ECB's Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP)

The ECB has announced a 750-billion-euro purchase programme to fight the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. But like all ECB Programmes ...

Publication: Ring-fencing in the Eurozone and the road to the Banking Union

The Banking Union is one of the most important and ambitious projects launched by the European Union in the last ten years. With supervisory ...

Publication: Unlocking Europe’s Piggy Bank

European companies invest too little. Instead, firms increasingly retain profits and build up large savings which contributes to low growth, ...

Publication: Tackling the spread of disinformation

Social media platforms have contributed to an unprecedented increase in the spread of disinformation. Concerns about these new and dynamic ways ...

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