Young woman and young man standing in front of a board

Competences for the work of tomorrow (2020-2022)

Using innovative methods and data sources, we want to provide guidance on which skills will be in demand in the labor market of the future. Together with the social partners, we show ways in which employees can be supported in the further development of their skills. We finally provide impetus for the realignment of the continuing education system in Germany.

Contact Persons

Foto Eric Thode
Eric Thode
Senior Advisor
Foto Frank Frick
Frank Frick
Foto Jana Fingerhut
Jana Fingerhut
Project Manager
Foto Ines Galla
Ines Galla
Project Assistant
Foto Gunvald Herdin
Gunvald Herdin
Senior Project Manager
Foto Martin Noack
Dr. Martin Noack
Senior Expert
Foto André Schleiter
André Schleiter
Project Manager
Foto Roman Wink
Roman Wink
Senior Project Manager