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2nd OJV Forum

In November 2021, the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) jointly organized the second OJV Forum "Online Job Vacancies: Pre-Processing, Extractions and Taxonomies". About 50 experts in the field of online job vacancy analysis (OJV) discussed boilerplate, deduplication, distributional analysis, machine learning, normalization, text mining, dictionary enrichment, and many other topics.

Contact Persons

Foto Jana Fingerhut
Jana Fingerhut
Project Manager
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Ines Galla
Project Assistant


Impulses from experts for experts
After the 2019 OJV Forum took place in person, this time the experts came together online. In three sessions, speakers explained different perspectives on the analysis of online job advertisements. Additional perspectives were provided by the participants through numerous questions, additions, and references to other interesting studies and projects.

Three sessions on methodological challenges in the analysis of online job advertisement
In three sessions, representatives from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Stepstone, and the Humboldt University of Berlin, among others, reported on their current work, with the sessions focusing on challenges that arise in the analysis of online job advertisements. The first session was dedicated to the question of how data can be collected, cleaned, and processed for analysis, so that valid and representative studies can be created on their basis and robust recommendations for action can be made. The second session was all about the topic of algorithms for text analysis and the question of which methods can be used to extract the most precise information possible from online job ads. The importance of the right taxonomy was the topic of the last session. Because measuring correctly is just as important as measuring the right thing.

Networking as a central element of the event
In addition to knowledge sharing, networking among stakeholders was a key focus of the OJV Forum. Through speed dating and breakout sessions for informal exchange, the experts got to talk to each other and were able to establish contacts. The experts made good use of the opportunities for exchange.

Further exchange and concrete cooperation desired
It became clear that there is a great interest in the OJV community for further exchange and closer cooperation. During the informal exchange, initial ideas were already maturing, such as the creation of a jointly annotated training dataset. In addition, the OJV Forum marked the start of the publication of a joint "how-to paper" in which the knowledge of the OJV community on the analysis of online job advertisements is to be systematized.

Renaming: OJV Forum becomes OJA Forum
One wish of the participants was to rename the OJV Forum to OJA Forum. The abbreviation OJA is more familiar in the community because the abbreviation OJA (Online Job Advertisements) is more appropriate for the analysis of advertisements than OJV (Online Job Vacancies), because the advertisements and not the vacancies themselves are analyzed. Therefore, the following event will be titled OJA Forum.

You could find the agenda of the 2nd Forum here.

If you are interested in the specific content of the second OJV Forum, you can view the presentations in our blog series "Gewusst wie: Analyzing Online Job Ads" as a video and read the summary of the presentations. 

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