What We Do : A Look Behind the Scenes

Our projects respond to societal challenges and make a sustainable contribution to society’s wellbeing.


Germany and Asia

Asia is shaping the 21st century. Germany must respond to the corresponding risks and challenges. "Germany and Asia" analyzes these changes and offers policy recommendations. read more

German-Spanish Forum

Goal is the creation and the establishment of a reflexionforum, where acteurs from politic, economy, society and media from Spain and Germany their views on important bileteral themes and futuretheme of the european integrationprocess develop, define and discuss. read more


Ethics of algorithms

In the “Ethics of Algorithms” project, we are taking a close look at the consequences of algorithmic decision-making on society. We aim to help inform and advance algorithmic systems that facilitate greater social inclusion. This involves committing to what is best for a society rather than what’s technically possible. read more



eupinions is an independent platform for European public opinion. We collect, analyse and comment on what the European public thinks about current political issues and megatrends. read more


Further education for all

We are working on reforming continuing education so the competences of “low-skilled” persons can be discovered, developed and recognized and their professional opportunities increased. read more





Making fair migration a reality

Germany needs immigrants, as the country increasingly faces an aging population and skilled-labor shortages. In recent years, Germany has received – in addition to foreign workers – large numbers of refugees. The challenge ahead is to organize voluntary and forced migration in cooperation with international partners so as to benefit migrants, receiving countries and countries of origin alike. read more



NEUE STIMMEN is an international renowned singing competition with worldwide pre-selection rounds and an recognized master class program in opera singing. read more



Drafting strategies that are effective, acceptable and which can be implemented: The ReformCompass serves equally to develop strategic competence as well as analyze strengths and weaknesses in political and organizational reform processes in the public sector. read more

Religion Monitor

The Religion Monitor provides a better understanding of how we can find a way for people of different cultural and religious backgrounds to live together in harmony. read more


Trilogue Salzburg

The Trilogue Salzburg brings international decision makers and thought leaders from the political, business and cultural spheres to Salzburg, Austria, to discuss issues critical to the world's future. The goal is an interdisciplinary and intercultural exchange on both the challenges and opportunities relating to global developments. One of the Trilogue Salzburg's unique aspects is the equal consideration it gives to political, business and cultural viewpoints. Each year the Trilogue Salzburg focuses on a different Topic. read more