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7th OJA Forum | 25th June 2024 | online

Upcoming event: 7th OJA Forum, online, in English



Foto Jana Fingerhut
Jana Fingerhut
Project Manager
Foto Ines Galla
Ines Galla
Project Assistant


International speakers will present their latest work on the topics "Tooling Up: Visualizing and Utilizing Online Job Ad Data" and "Mapping Occupational Titles to OJAs" this time around. The first session will focus on how analyses of online job advertisements can be effectively visualized using tools to make them accessible to users. In the second session, experts will provide insights into how various approaches using large language models can identify and classify job titles in online job advertisements. We look forward to engaging in open discussions with you on these topics. For more detailed information, please check the agenda here.

If you are interested in participating, please do not hesitate to contact us (contact data please see above).


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