A Habitat for Entrepreneurship

Creating a Culture of Innovation


For the 13th time, the Bertelsmann Stiftung is bringing international decision makers from the political, business and cultural spheres together to exchange ideas in Salzburg, Austria. Held on August 14 and 15 and dedicated to the topic "A Habitat for Entrepreneurship – Creating a Culture of Innovation," the 2014 Trilogue Salzburg will examine issues related to corporate social responsibility.

Economic competitiveness, social cohesion and quality of life are all influenced by entrepreneurial activity. Employment, productivity, innovation, sustainability, economic growth and the opportunities society has to offer depend on which companies are being created and, in particular, the background conditions determining how those companies are being established and run.
The gathering's discussions will examine issues relating to entrepreneurial spirit and the possibilities for increasing society's ability to innovate. These include:

– What can past ideas and initiatives teach us and which societal changes are to be expected in the future?
– How can entrepreneurial spirit be promoted and which conditions support or hinder entrepreneurship?
– How can entrepreneurship respond to coming social and economic challenges?

The Trilogue Salzburg is unique in that its discussions do not focus on one perspective only, but place equal emphasis on political, economic and cultural considerations.