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Trilogue Salzburg 2021: United in a Fragile World – Defining the Fineline between Progress and Improvement

How can progress be actively created against the backdrop of a multidimensional world? "United in a Fragile World - Defining the Fineline between Progress and Improvement" focusses on the differentiation of both term in order to overcome current challenges and to build a better future.

Trilogue Salzburg 2020: Rethinking Relations - Innovative Diplomacy in an Uncertain World

This year's Trilogue Salzburg is focussing on trust and deals with the question how politics, business and culture can build up innovative ways of promoting understanding and relation management.

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Trilogue Salzburg 2019: Fragmented Realities - Regaining a Common Understanding of Truth

Mis- and disinformation, propaganda and manipulation have always been part of human communication – they are as old as the lies one is sometimes tempted to tell. 

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Trilogue Salzburg 2018: Reviving Democracy in a Fragmented World - Not Attractive Anymore or Still a Success Story?

The 17th Trilogue Salzburg, hosted by the Bertelsmann Stiftung, will address the question whether democracy remains the uncontested and undisputed form of government as it has been postulated during the last decades.

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Trilogue Salzburg 2016: Dealing with Neighbors:

Fighting a Ring of Fire or Building a Ring of Friends?

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Trilogue Salzburg 2015: In Search of Leadership

a Critical Requirement for Governance, Social Cohesion and Competitiveness

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Trilogue Salzburg 2014: A Habitat for Entrepreneurship

Creating a Culture of Innovation

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Trilogue Salzburg 2013: Competing for the Best Talent

 The Global Race for the World's Most Valuable Resource

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Trilogue Salzburg 2012: Strategies for Sustainable and Socially Inclusive Economic Growth


Trilogue Salzburg 2011: Challenges for Global Governance

New approaches to achieving a sustainable world economy - Do we need a “domestic policy” for our globalized world?