Competing for the Best Talent

 The Global Race for the World's Most Valuable Resource


From August 29 to 30, 2013, the Bertelsmann Stiftung once again invited political, business and cultural leaders to attend the Trilogue Salzburg. Organizations are only successful if they have well-trained, motivated employees. The competition to find the brightest and best has long gone global, with companies, institutions and entire countries trying to demonstrate their attractiveness and improve their image in order to ensure their long-term competitiveness. The 2013 Trilogue Salzburg was therefore dedicated to the topic "Competing for the Best Talent – The Global Race for the World's Most Valuable Resource." The issue is even more critical for Europe, given the challenges it is experiencing as a result of demographic decline. The goal of the 2013 meeting was therefore to examine the implications of this competition in political, economic and cultural terms as they apply to Europe and to develop recommendations for European institutions.