A Regulatory Perspective: Local Public Finance in Europe.

There is widespread consensus amongst academics and practitioners: local governments do matter. They deliver a variety of essential public services and their political systems are closest to citizens. Sound financial footing is an indispensable condition. However, there is little research about local finance from an international comparative perspective. This holds true in particular for one focus: the regulation of local budgets by higher-level governments. This regulation creates remarkable budget constraints and fosters consolidation pressures, especially in case of emerging budget deficits. We take a special look on the general and regulatory impacts of financial crisis.


This comparative research, a cooperation of Hertie School, Berlin's University of Governance and <link en home>Bertelsmann Stiftung, lightens up a blind spot of local public finance covering more than 20 European countries. We hope to add value for as practitioners, politicians as academics.  

Local Public Finance in Europe: Concept of Regulatory Regimes

The regulation of local government finance is a multi-level governance task that any country needs to address to guarantee local government´s long-term functionality.

Local Public Finance in Europe: Participants

Along different milestones of this project, a large number of people got involved; be it as an author or as workshop discussant. 

Download Publikation: Country Reports

Die Publikation enthält eine Darstellung der kommunalen Finanzen für 23 Länder. Sie geht ein auf Einnahmen, Ausgaben, die Folgen der Finanzkrise ...