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my-professional-experience.org: Get a self-assessment of professional competences in 5 minutes!

Millions of people in Germany do not have professional qualifications, but have already gathered extensive professional experience. You or your client can now show what they have learned in 30 professions on my-professional-experience.org You can choose between 12 languages. A self-assessment only takes 3-5 minutes. Simply try it out!

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COMPETENCE AND CAREER CARDS: Competence and Career Cards help improve career guidance and migration counselling

Both, migrants and formally low-skilled Germans have significantly less educational and occupational opportunities in Germany - even though they often have gained valuable previous experiences and qualifications. To be able to recognise these competences more quickly, we developed the Competence Cards and Career Cards together with various partners from the field of migration counselling.

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Develop competences: Obtain vocational degrees step-by-step via partial qualifications

Partial qualifications allow adults to obtain vocational degrees, step-by-step, as appropriate for their personal circumstances. In cooperation with science, practice, politics and the economy, we are identifying success factors and developing recommendations for how a comprehensive, connective program for modular qualification might be designed.

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Recognize competences: Advancement opportunities for informally qualified persons

The opening of the social shears and shortage of specialized personnel show: Germany must finally start recognizing and making use of informally and non-formally acquired skills. Especially for people without a formal professional or higher education degree. Based on studies and practical examples, foreign and domestic, we illustrate how this might work.