1. edition 2016 , 30 pp (PDF)

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In seiner Untersuchung gibt Dr. Bernd Parusel einen Überblick über das schwedische Asylsystem.


Asylum systems under pressure: Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden in the "crisis year 2015"

In three studies we analyse how Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden managed the refugee crisis in 2015.


Effective measures for integrating refugees into the workforce must be developed further

The existing measures designed to integrate hundreds of thousands of refugees into Germany's workforce must be further developed as part of a coordinated overall ...


Welfare state profits from migration

Foreign-born individuals currently living in Germany ensured a net fiscal surplus of € 22 billion in 2012.


Working together for a triple win: Creating fair migration through bilateral agreements

A new study shows how migration can be designed in a way that homecountry, country of arrival and the immigrant benefit from it.