Project Description: Rethinking and communicating Europe

Together with partners and high-level experts from all over Europe, we make and promote innovative proposals to rethink the European Union. At the same time, we develop new tools to help better communicate Europe.

Publication: Public Goods in EU law

Public goods reflect a complex construct between the principle of solidarity and the principle of subsidiarity in European Union law. This study contextualises in detail public goods in European law and shows that they can act as a point of reference for the distribution of competences between the EU and the Member States, thus contributing to the upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe.

In its four meetings, the Reflection Group on European public goods has made important progress in connecting the dots between concept and real-life reform of the EU. This paper takes stock of the group's conclusions, and looks beyond to the implications of the EU's first steps at fiscal integration in response to the Covid-19 economic downturn.