Project Description: Rethinking and communicating Europe

Together with partners and high-level experts from all over Europe, we make and promote innovative proposals to rethink the European Union. At the same time, we develop new tools to help better communicate Europe.

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Publication: Digital Sovereignty in the EU

"Digital sovereignty" is a declared goal of the German EU Council Presidency. However, for a term that is so central to the current political debate, it is very vague. What exactly can digital sovereignty mean? What are the necessary framework conditions to enable the EU to assert its own values and legal concepts in the digital space? In this policy brief, Falk Steiner and Viktoria Grzymek explain the underlying problem once more and discuss what digital sovereignty can mean in concrete terms: a better awareness and control of dependencies in central elements of the digital infrastructure.

The Paper was written as part of the Bertelsmann Stiftung Reflection Group on European Public Goods.


Publication: New Models for Europe’s Future: Scoping of Tasks and Approaches

The Corona crisis once again clearly shows that the EU often lacks the capacity to act. Europe needs to change to survive in a changing world, and it must, at the same time, become stronger internally in order to be strong externally. However, the EU's other challenges should not be set behind the current global public health crisis. All future tasks for Europe - Corona to begin with - must now be tackled without delay. The scoping paper is intended as a first step on this path.