Conference: Trying Times

We live in challenging times. Globalization, digitalization and demographic change are transforming societies all around the globe. The international “Trying Times” conference examines this issue in the context of tomorrow’s world. Leading figures in politics, civil society, business, academia, the media and the cultural sector convene in Berlin to discuss the way we live together in our societies in the future.

What participants say about the “Trying Times” conference

“Trying Times wasn’t just another conference rehashing the same observations. In the dynamic discussions and debates I learned to see blind-spots I had been missing in my own work."
Allister Chang, Robert Bosch Stiftung Fellow at the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), Berlin/Washington
“The conference inspired me to think more deeply and in a more connected way about the challenges we are facing in our world. I returned home with new points of view and a new commitment to action.”
Catherine Banner, Writer, Torino
“I was impressed at how diverse and international the participants were.”
Paul Jürgensen, Trainee at Das Progressive Zentrum, Berlin
"The Trying Times conference was a professional celebration of deep, cutting-edge discussions, with an international spirit. The conference was handled with a lot of sensitivity, respect, listening and offered a great mix of peer learning, platforms that foster activism and networking opportunities."
Yifat Ovadia, Founder Co-Impact: The Partnership for a Breakthrough in Arab Employment, Tel Aviv
"During my session at Trying Times, I was delighted that the group that joined me participated in a constructive debate with real passion and diversity of thought. Our discussion showed the potential that cross sector conversations can have on the formation of the future."
Anisah Osman Britton, Founder 23 Code Street, London
“I went away with important new contacts and am looking forward to continuing these conversations.”
Mike Prashker, Senior Advisor for Strategic Partnerships at The Ted Arison Family Foundation, Tel Aviv
“The Trying Times conference offered a fresh, vibrant and diverse look into the issues of tomorrow´s world. It engaged thought leaders from around the world in a creative and productive way.
Annina Lux, Senior Consultant Strategic Risk/Chief of Staff Cyber Risk at Deloitte, Berlin

Video: Trying Times 2019 – Opening Film

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