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Answers to crises and conflicts

Current crises and conflicts in the EU’s neighbourhood are having a destabilizing effect on the EU and its Member States. We aim to develop proposed solutions for how a European Neighbourhood Policy can effectively influence transformation processes in neighbouring countries in order to increase security, stability and prosperity for all sides.


Foto Christian Hanelt
Christian Hanelt
Senior Expert Europe, Neighbourhood and the Middle East
Foto Miriam Kosmehl
Miriam Kosmehl
Senior Expert Eastern Europe and EU Neighbourhood
Foto Stefani Weiss
Stefani Weiss
Senior Expert EU Governance, Foreign and Security Policy
Foto Claudia Priemer
Claudia Priemer
Project Assistant
Foto Martina Stangenberg
Martina Stangenberg
Program Assistant


WGA in the EU

Our analysis of the development and implementation of whole-of-government approaches (WGAs) to external conflict and crisis management in the EU.

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81 Percent of EU27 citizens think...

...that the EU should play a more active role in global affairs, according to an eupinions survey from 2020. In the Eastern and Southern European states, as many as 84% and 87% respectively of those surveyed agree with this.