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Smart Country: Learning and Information

Access to information along with the capacity to organize this access are key to participation in our society. Not everyone has the chance to benefit from this opportunity.

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Smart Country: Mobility and Logistics

Both home and work places need to be accessible both in physical and digital terms. Mobility in both regards is increasingly lacking. Logistics concepts are no longer up-to-date.

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Smart Country: Policy and public administration

Policy and public administration are especially needed in shaping the move to digital. This will only work if changes are made to the negotiating and decision-making processes, where greater transparency and participation is needed. Integrating modern information and communication technology can help here. And many people are aware of this.

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Smart Country: Work and the Economy

Two megatrends—demographic change and digitization—are particularly apparent in the world of work. Substantial changes are particularly evident in this field. So as not to miss out, the on-site situation must be adapted to suit these new ways of working and the value they create. What exactly is changing, and how can we make this transition work?

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Smart Country: Health and Care

Access to sufficient medical and care services is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain across the whole country. It is particularly important to consider this issue in the context of a rapidly ageing population.