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Study: German electronic patient record will start without visit notes

On January 1, 2021, the electronic patient record (ePA) will be launched. It will provide patients with a central storage location for their medical documents. However, it will not contain visit notes. This means that anyone wishing to read their doctor's notes, for example on their medical history, treatment options or further steps, will still have to formally request paper copies of the documentation.

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Study: Patients value "Dr. Google's" versatility

Whether preparing for a visit to the doctor, comparing therapies or simply engaging in online discussion with others – many people seek advice from "Dr. Google". Findings from our new study show that more than one-half of patients surveyed are satisfied with the health information they find online. But are physicians and patients making good use of the internet's potential?

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Data analysis: Exploring regional differences in healthcare

Regional differences illustrate that at times, care can fail to meet the needs of the public. In cooperation with the Science Media Center Germany (SMC), we identify anomalies in healthcare, and we research their potential causes on location.

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Shared decision making: Facilitating a breakthrough for shared decision making

Just as physicians are experts in medical matters, patients are experts in their personal life circumstances, preferences and values. We advocate a culture of dialogue based on partnership, both in hospitals and in physicians’ practices.

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Training physicians: Developing communication skills

Communication skills are still not sufficiently imparted in the study of medicine. Our goal is to anchor them in teaching and exams.

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The Project: Fostering effective physician-patient partnerships

The physician-patient relationship has a significant impact on the success of treatment. The objective of our Patients with Impact project is to embed the concept of shared decision making in everyday care.

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Choosing Wisely: International physicians’ initiative against medical overuse

Choosing Wisely is an initiative that wants to engage physicians and other clinicians in conversations with patients about the use of unnecessary tests and treatments. We are exploring the factors contributing to the initiative’s international success.

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Interview: “The system needs to focus more on the people who use it”

Informed patients, treatment that reflects actual needs, stable financing – in this interview Director Uwe Schwenk discusses why Germany’s healthcare system has to focus more on the people who use it. He also discusses the issues the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Health projects are currently focusing on.