Shaping Tomorrow’s World at the Young Leaders Forum

Young high-potentials from Asia and Europe discuss current affairs and future challenges at the Asia-Europe Young Leaders Forum. (YLF). Every two years Bertelsmann Stiftung organizes the Forum together with the Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business (APA). The established network lasts well beyond the YLF.


Young representatives from politics, business, media and international organisations meet for the YLF in alternating Asian countries. Over the course of several days they deal with crucial issues that are of concern for both, European and Asian societies. Developments such as demographic change and the rise of a global middle class are among the topics that have so far been on the agenda of the YLF.

The aim is for the participants to jointly develop solutions to the problems resulting from the changes they examine. After all, it is these Young Leaders who will shape tomorrow’s world. The participants are nominated by ministries, renowned organisations and globally operating companies and need to pass a competitive selection process. Team building measures, conference units, workshops and field visits help the group grow together. Friendships develop and work on a common future of Asia and Europe begins.



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