Vertrauen Wagen - eine Konferenz mit Pionieren der Deutsch-Chinesischen Beziehungen, 23.-24. September 2013 in Beijing an der Bei Da/ Beijing  University.
Programm Inhalt: 
2 Vormittage Workshop der Pioniere, 2 Nachmittage Konferenz, 1 Abendgala
Jan Siefke

Events: Building Bridges Through Information and Exchange

Renowned experts discuss challenges and strategies for Europe and Asia at Bertelsmann Stiftung events. Our conferences and briefings are open to the public. Come and join the debate!


What are the consequences for Germany of the latest developments in Asia? How can political changes, economic trends and shifting social structures be understood? Our events provide platforms to find answers to these questions.

And yet, the conferences and briefings of the program „Germany and Asia“ are not only there to provide and spread information. They also bring people from different backgrounds together who can build their networks by getting to know each other face to face. These contacts foster mutual exchange and understanding beyond the immediate event. This is one of many ways in which our program helps building bridges between Germany and Asia.



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