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Positions from the project: Focusing on the child

A child-centered family policy must recognize the needs and interests of children and consider them when establishing the background conditions that affect families today. Such a family policy invests sufficiently and effectively in the wellbeing and education of all children. Because including children, getting them involved, taking them seriously, and giving them responsibility – that is what lays the foundation for a vibrant democracy.


What it means to create a child-centered family policy that ensures education and participation for each and every child, is described in a short paper. It identifies three relevant subject areas for a new family politics vision:

  1. Putting the focus on the rights and needs of children
  2. Effectively combating child and family poverty
  3. Reducing educational disadvantages – creating need-based, individualised infrastructure and support for children and families

The paper was written in cooperation with the project’s expert advisory panel. It summarizes the findings and issues we will continue to collaborate on in the future.

The panel’s members are:

  • Prof. Sabine Andresen, Goethe University Frankfurt – Social Education & Family Research
  • Prof. Tanja Betz, Goethe University Frankfurt – Childhood Studies & Elementary Education
  • Dr. Jürgen Borchert, presiding judge at the Hessen High Social Court (in retirement) and social lawyer
  • Dr. Karin Jurczyk, German Youth Institute, Munich – Head of department Family & Family Policy
  • Prof. Thorsten Kingreen, Universität Regensburg – Public, Social, & Health Law
  • Prof. Anne Lenze, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences – Family, Youth, & Social Law
  • Prof. Martin Werding, Ruhr-Universität Bochum – Social Policy & Social Economics




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