Teilnehmer der EU to go-Veranstaltung am 20.10.2017 in Berlin
Thomas Lobenwein

, Event – 20.10.2017: Euro reform: Where are we?


The project invited Berlin-based policy-makers and experts to discuss the state of play of Eurozone reforms on the eve of German coalition negotiations.

Henrik Enderlein, Director of the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin, and Katharina Gnath, Senior Project Manager of the Bertelsmann Stiftung presented current proposals on how the Eurozone could be reformed and pointed to possible challenges in the months ahead.

Among other things, Henrik Enderlein addressed the reform proposals of the EU Commission President Juncker and the French President Macron, and laid the foundations for the current coalition negotiations in Germany. Katharina Gnath then analyzed possible scenarios for the future governance of the Euro area and presented the publication series "Europa Briefing" in this context.

The series aims at explaining key terms in the current debate on the future of Europe and the euro. Each briefing addresses a distinct policy area. We explain what the problem is, what possible options there are to move ahead, and what policy-makers can do now to enable an informed dialogue between political decision-makers and citizens in the election year 2017.

The slides for the event can be found here.

About our publication series “Europa Briefing”

In the publication series “Europa Briefing”, the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin cover key topics of European politics and present possible scenarios: What is the problem? What might happen next? And what can politics do now?

More details about our project and all the Europa briefings can be found here: www.strengthentheeuro.eu





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