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Isabell Hoffmann

The War and the Vote: The Panel

Approaching another high-stakes-low-turnout election? Warm-up Session at CEPS Ideas Lab 2024

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In the midst of a tumultuous geopolitical climate, underscored by the ongoing war in Ukraine, the
upcoming European Parliament elections in June will be a critical juncture for the EU. However, if
experience serves well, we are approaching another high-stakes-low-turnout election – despite the
fact that the EU will have to confront many challenges, both internal and external, over the next few

This session delves into the dramatic shifts within the EU’s political landscape, where an increasing tilt
towards right-wing governance is evident. Concurrently, we are observing a significant shift as
traditional liberal parties, once dominant in the centrist sphere, are being increasingly challenged, even
relegated to the peripheries of power. This political dynamic, both within and outside the EU, raises
crucial questions about the future of leadership in the Union, which we will dive into in much more
detail during this warm-up session.

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