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Cornelia Daheim, Jonas Korn, Ole Wintermann

The German Mittelstand and Digital Transformation

Why change can only succeed with a new culture of work

  • 1. Auflage 2017, 22 Seiten (PDF)
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A look at the central findings of the work on which this is based reveals one thing above all: If small and medium-sized enterprises want to successfully face up to digitisation and even use it as an opportunity and shape it successfully, there is still a lot to be done.


For example, the metastudy analyzed nearly 40 publications published since 2015 to identify new findings on the effects and challenges of digitization on work organization in SMEs. In the more than 30 interviews, from which the colorfully highlighted quotations originate, the perspectives of executives from medium-sized companies in various industries in Germany were systematically compiled, which provided information on the status of digitization in their companies and in particular on their practical experience with the implementation of corresponding projects. This whitepaper summarizes the main results of both papers and summarizes them in theses in order to stimulate further discussion on the topic among decision-makers from politics and business - which in our view is essential and urgently needed.