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The European Way of Life

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In "The European Way of Life" the Bertelsmann Stiftung looks back at what the European Union has already achieved, and sets its sights on the future. What are the challenges to which European policymaking will have to rise in the years ahead? How can the European project be given a new lease of life? Europeans tend to be rather critical of the EU, but the fact of the matter is that the EU member states will have to work together more closely if Europe wishes to get its message across on the global stage. "The European Way of Life" assembles some of the most important analyses produced by the Bertelsmann Stiftung's European projects. The topics range from the euro to the President of the EU, and from the EU's relationship with Russia to the Union for the Mediterranean. In three chapters devoted to Europe's democracy, economy and values, the experts at the Bertelsmann Stiftung come up with a host of stimulating ideas and make a number of specific recommendations. Guest authors Joschka Fischer, Wolfgang Schüssel and Guy Verhofstadt reveal their thoughts about the European Union, and make a point of emphasizing that crises have always been turning points and have repeatedly presented new opportunities, especially in the EU. "The European Way of Life" wishes to engage in a dialogue with both normal EU citizens who are interested in these topics, and with wellinformed experts. The articles include a number of informative charts and diagrams.

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