Bertelsmann Stiftung, London School of Economics and Political Science (Hrsg.)

Jan Arpe, Simona Milio, Andrej Stuchlik

Social Policy Reforms in the EU: A Cross-national Comparison

Social Inclusion Monitor Europe (SIM) – Reform Barometer

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How do the EU member states address the most pressing social problems these days? Are their reform policies sufficient to safeguard social inclusion? The first edition of the SIM Europe Reform Barometer gives the answers.

This pilot study, which is based on a qualitative survey among social policy experts across Europe, shows that social policy reforms have lost momentum in many European countries. It reveals that there is a clear mismatch between problem awareness and problem response in a number of EU member states.

The authors of the study conclude that there is an increased need for action at EU level. Concretely, the European Union should align better its two key objectives of growth and social justice and streamline the existing instruments to foster social inclusion.