Pathways out of the crisis

CSR as a strategic tool for the future

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The economic crisis can be an indicator of responsible business activity. It highlights cases in which companies benefit from socially and ecologically responsible management, and others in which social engagement that has no connection to a company’s core business tends to fall victim to cost-cutting measures. Two things are very clear: CSR, as a strategic management tool, helps companies prepare for the future and equips them to deal with crisis situations. As a new mechanism for integrating companies more fully into society, CSR provides a way for private industry to join together with policymakers and civil society to work for the common good all over the world. Keeping in mind global megatrends in general and the current international economic crisis in particular, the following pages show how CSR, as a management tool, can be helpful in identifying ways to overcome this crisis and meet the social and ecological challenges of the future.