Bernhard Bartsch, Katja Hellkötter, Magali Menant


How German Companies are growing roots in Chinese society





Since German companies have been active in China for more than 30 years, they are starting to grow roots there. In this process they began taking on responsibility for the social environment in their host country, following their long tradition of societal engagement in Germany. Thus they increasingly view China as more than just a market.

This publication is intended as an “idea book” for anyone concerned with the question of how German companies can establish and grow roots in Chinese society. It explores what is happening at the intersection of German companies, the Chinese market and Chinese society. The survey was initiated in June 2014 by the Bertelsmann Stiftung in partnership with the German Chamber of Commerce in China, Shanghai and the Shanghai-based consulting agency Constellations International.

It is based on face-to-face interviews with employees of German companies active in China. We gathered best practices in eleven case stories, including four cases of collaborative engagement. Opinions by academic specialists, industry observers and societal actors complete the sketch of German companies getting involved in Chinese society.

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