Steffen Angenendt, David Kipp and Amrei Meier (German Institute for International and Security Affairs – SWP)

Mixed Migration

Challenges and options for the ongoing project of German and European asylum and migration policy

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Migration to Europe has increased considerably in the last two years. Above all, the very high numbers of asylum applications pose major challenges for many receiving countries. A particularly tricky policy-issue represents the mixing of forced and economic migration, the so-called mixed migration flows. Many (economic) migrants are trying to receive a residence permit in a destination country by filing an (often hopeless) asylum application. One consequence is an additional burden for asylum systems in host countries that currently are under strain anyways. In fact, the motives and paths of refugees and (economic) migrants are increasingly difficult to differentiate. This new study captures the dynamics of mixed migration with the available qualitative and quantitative data. The study also offers policy recommendations to improve mechanisms for handling the phenomenon.

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Cover Migration fair gestalten

Wir müssen die gewinnen, die wir brauchen und denen Schutz geben, die uns brauchen. Arbeits- und Fluchtmigration müssen entsprechend ihrer ökonomischen bzw. humanitären Grundsätzen unterschiedlich gesteuert werden: national, europäisch und international sowie fair für alle Beteiligten.