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Daniela Arregui Coka, Bernhard Bartsch, Dr. Cora Jungbluth, Anika Laudien, Markus Overdiek, Dr. Dominic Ponattu, Thomas Rausch, Felix Vemmer

Learning from Trump and Xi?

Globalization and innovation as drivers of a new industrial policy

  • 2020, 44 Seiten (PDF)
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Currently, industrial policy is experiencing a renaissance in many countries. In Germany and the EU, a debate about costs and benefits of a strategic industrial policy as a response to sustainable innovation and competitiveness is increasingly getting attention. This study takes a look at the approaches of the USA and China to an innovation-promoting industrial policy and describes framework conditions for German and European industrial policy. By analyzing the historical development as well as the main characteristics and success factors of Chinese and American innovation models, the transferability of their strategies to the German and European case is discussed.