Bertelsmann Stiftung (Hrsg.)

Riccarda Retsch, Julia Scheerer, Yvonne Zwick

Guideline for the German Sustainability Code

Guidance for SMEs

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This guide helps companies to start applying the German Sustainability Code (GSC). In it, we explain precisely what the GSC is and what its individual criteria are all about. We thus help you to get started with the day-to-day practice of sustainable Management and to continuously improve it. By doing so, we also want to appeal to companies that are still in the early stages of sustainable management or who have, to date, been tackling the issue of sustainability in many different ways and now want to organize their activities more systematically. The guide builds on the GSC and is, therefore, not a comprehensive Management manual for all issues relating to the strategy, organization and implementation of sustainable management. If you are in the process of drawing up a declaration of conformity with the GSC and Meeting its requirements for transparency, then this guide is a helpful companion you can refer to time and again.

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