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Beyond Investment Screening

Expanding Europe’s toolbox to address economic risks from Chinese state capitalism





The European Union (EU) and China have entered a new stage in their relationship. China now appears as a “systemic competitor” in assessments by major European business federations and EU institutions, and the EU Commission has launched a work program to assess ways to deal with the country’s economic impact on the EU. There is a growing belief across Europe that the balance of challenges and opportunities China presents has shifted, and that European policy-making needs to adapt to new long-term challenges arising from the competition between economic systems. This study explores how Europe could expand its toolbox to address those challenges.

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Cover Deutschland und Asien

Asien wird das 21. Jahrhundert prägen. Für Deutschland bringt das Chancen, aber auch Risiken. „Deutschland und Asien“ analysiert den Wandel und entwickelt Politikempfehlungen.

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