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A Europe we need in a world we want

Exploring European public opinion in advance of the 2024 European election

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Geographically, Europe may be clearly defined, but it is increasingly distinguished by its ideals, values and principles. However, as Europeans, we often refer to our “European values” or our “European way of life,” without giving full consideration to what these concepts mean and how to protect them during times of crisis.

This year’s Philea Forum takes place as we face compounding crises related to public health, global security, climate change, digital transformation and polarization that will impact public opinion in the run-up to the EP elections.

Philea and eupinions thus surveyed people across the EU to gauge their opinions on:

Democracy in the EU
• EU efforts to combat climate change
• Issues the EU should prioritize

The survey also sought to determine how much people know about philanthropic work and the correlation between knowledge levels and attitudes toward the issues addressed.

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eupinions ist eine unabhängige Plattform für europäische, öffentliche Meinung. Wir erheben, analysieren und kommentieren Einstellungen zu politischen Themen und Megatrends.

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