NEUE STIMMEN 2022: Arrival of the singers

Saturday afternoon, June 25, 2022 - the final round of our international singing competition NEUE STIMMEN 2022 begins the next day. Many of the 34 singers have already arrived in Gütersloh. They come from 21 different countries from all over the world. From June 26 to 30, the contestants will have a possibly one-time opportunity to demonstrate their talent and stage presence to opera-house managers, festival directors, music agents and talent scouts.

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In a months-long selection process, these 34 talents prevailed among a total of 1,367 up-and-coming singers applied to compete in NEUE STIMMEN 2021/2022. Most of the finalists meet in person for the first time this Saturday in Gütersloh. Despite the competitive situation, the desire to make new acquaintances as well as the joy of sharing a passion for music prevail here.

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