Vorstellung der Vision einer nationalen Gesundheitsplattform im September 2023.

Our vision of a national health platform of the future

Imagine a patient-oriented internet platform that is free of disinformation and where the protection of personal health data is respected. Imagine what it might be like to receive the right information at the right moment, without even having to search for it. Our Health Program's Trusted Health Ecosystems project recently presented its vision for a national healthcare platform to around 100 stakeholders in the healthcare sector at the Berliner Freiheit event location.

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Foto Sebastian Schmidt-Kaehler
Dr. Sebastian Schmidt-Kaehler
Foto Inga Münch
Dr. Inga Münch
Senior Project Manager


During the project leadership presentation, Sebastian Schmidt-Kaehler and Inga Münch outlined a clear vision for a national healthcare platform and its functionality. This vision places a strong emphasis on prioritizing the needs of patients while also establishing guidelines for a fair digital future. Both emphasized that the Bertelsmann Stiftung would neither build nor operate such a portal. Instead, they suggested that this central task could be undertaken by an independent, nonprofit consortium comprising various healthcare stakeholders. The Stiftung’s team aims to act as a driving force for implementation and to offer advisory support throughout the entire process. To illustrate this, they presented the first prototype of a potential user interface.

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Following this, project partners Marcus Trapp and Matthias Naab (Full Flamingo, formerly Fraunhofer IESE) demonstrated the key elements of digital ecosystems, stressing the importance of ensuring that the platform benefits all parties involved. Calling for a “Just do it!” ethos, they emphasized the need to get the realization process underway and to make the platform as straightforward and user-friendly as possible for both users and administrators.

We have a great opportunity to take the lead on this issue in Germany and build it in line with European values.

Marcus Trapp, Full Flamingo (formerly Fraunhofer IESE)

Project feasibility

The panel discussion that followed included various experts such as patient representative Jana Hassel (BAG Selbsthilfe), journalist Alexander Sängerlaub (futur eins), legal expert Laura Schulte (Hochschule Bielefeld), and healthcare expert Tobias Silberzahn (McKinsey). Moderated by Cornelia Wanke, the panel discussed, among other things, the feasibility of the presented vision. The experts followed up on input from the audience, who highlighted potential challenges for a national health platform. Surprisingly, data privacy was not the primary concern; instead, bureaucracy and the inertia of the system took priority. Nonetheless, the panel expressed a clear consensus: a national healthcare platform is indeed feasible and should be initiated without delay.

The Trusted Health Ecosystems website, which went live for the event, presents the concept through articles, graphics and videos. Over the coming months, the website will undergo further expansion to cover an array of additional topics.

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