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Trusted Health Ecosystems - Development of a national platform strategy for the healthcare system

In the “Trusted Health Ecosystems” project, we are committed to shaping the digital healthcare system of tomorrow in a way that is both “social” and fair. With that in mind, we are creating a vision of a national healthcare platform that promotes participation in healthcare and creates digital “trust spaces".

Contact Persons

Foto Sebastian Schmidt-Kaehler
Dr. Sebastian Schmidt-Kaehler
Foto Inga Münch
Dr. Inga Münch
Senior Project Manager
Foto Esther Grothoff
Esther Grothoff
Project Assistant
Foto Claudia Haschke
Claudia Haschke
Project Manager
Foto Marko Queitsch
Marko Queitsch
Foto Malte Etienne
Malte Etienne
Foto Elena Gomez
Elena Gomez