A notebook displaying the homepage of our newly-designed website

Facts, studies, analysis – we’ve redesigned our digital appearance for you!

As of today – Tuesday, June 15, 2021 – our new website has gone live at bertelsmann-stiftung.de. The redesigned site offers even more transparency on our work, topics and structures. It focuses more directly on you, our users, and is meant to make it easier for you to access all the information you’re looking for.


We have thoroughly revamped our website – both its appearance and content. Our goal: a clear, modern look, simple interfaces, less searching, greater clarity.

"With our new digital presence, we want to provide even easier access for everyone interested in the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s topics and activities, while offering them a faster platform for staying informed and reaching out to us," says Ralph Heck, chairman of the Bertelsmann Stiftung Executive Board. 

For you, as a user of the website, fewer clicks are now required to reach your desired content. To ensure that’s the case, we’ve rebuilt our search technology from the ground up. When you click on the search bar, a drop-down list opens and, as you type, initial results for our projects and publications appear, along with filtering options. The main navigation has moved to the upper right and is now a "hamburger button", which also opens in a drop-down list. As this shows, we’ve consistently taken a "mobile first" approach, making it simpler to use the site on mobile devices.

The interactivity with keywords is also new. You’ll find keywords and tags on our homepage, in our news releases, next to publications and on project pages. If you click on a keyword, you’ll land on an automatically generated overview containing all the content related to the term. That allows us to present the latest trends and topics from our work, assembled in one place. It also makes it easy to link older content that is still relevant.

Fully responsive, from smartphone to widescreen

Our website supports all current mobile devices and browser versions, meaning it adjusts to your specific screen size and resolution. Please note that Microsoft Internet Explorer is no longer suitable for today’s websites. If you are using an older version of your browser, we recommend checking to see if an update is available.

Please also note that following the relaunch of bertelsmann-stiftung.de, any links or bookmarks you have saved to our old website may no longer work and could require updating. If you subscribe to our RSS feeds, you’ll have to reactivate them – you’ll find an overview here.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our new website, please feel free to contact us at: onlineredaktion@bertelsmann-stiftung.de