1. edition 2016, 427 pp (PDF)

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The views expressed in this report do not reflect the views of any organization, agency or programme of

the United Nations. It has been prepared by a team of independent experts of the SDSN Secretariat and the

Bertelsmann Stiftung.


This report has been prepared with the extensive advice and consultation of the SDSN Leadership Council

members. Members of the Leadership Council listed below serve in their personal capacities, so the

opinions expressed in this paper may not reflect the opinions of their host institutions. Members are not

necessarily in agreement with every detail of this report.


Lead writers are Jeffrey Sachs, Guido Schmidt-Traub, Christian Kroll, David Durand-Delacre, and Katerina

Teksoz. The report should be cited as Sachs, J., Schmidt-Traub, G., Kroll, C., Durand-Delacre, D. and

Teksoz, K. (2016): . New York: Bertelsmann Stiftung and Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN).