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Bertelsmann Stiftung - Annual Report 2015

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Annual Report
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A look back at our work in 2015

Last year we invested €71.8 million in charitable activities.
Our annual report documents what we achieved.

 Since the foundation’s inception, we have made €1.27 billion available to carry out our nonprofit work and pursue our organizational objectives

In 2015 we spent a total of €71.8 million on our projects. Our budget for the current financial year is €70 million.

 In light of the current situation, we are working to address the influx of refugees to Germany by increasing our efforts in those areas where we have considerable experience and expertise. Our goal is to provide practical assistance, to make the debate about refugees and migration more objective and to develop sustainable solutions.

 “We are increasing our efforts to respond to the inflow of refugees.”, Aart De Geus, Bertelsmann Stiftung Chairman and CEO

 Our 2015 Annual Report provides an overview of which issues we addressed and which outcomes we were able to achieve.

 If you would like more detailed information on our projects or focus areas, please do not hesitate to contact our experts directly. We would be very glad to hear any ideas or suggestions you might have!