Escaping the Escape
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: Escaping the Escape

The book "Escaping the Escape" offers first-hand information on 28 source, transit and target countries of refugees. Here you find selected background material.

We are all talking about the refugee issue. But what do we really know about why people undertake a life-threating journey and flee their homeland? What roles do various actors in those countries play in driving migration? And what's the role of international actors, such as the EU? We have invited experts from source, transit and target countries to analyze the situation and make proposals on how to effectively address specific issues. 

Our book "Escaping the Escape" offers first-hand information on 28 countries. The accompanying website provides you, country by country, with selected background material published by us, such as the Bertelsmann Stiftung's Transformation Index (BTI), which analyzes and evaluates the quality of democracy, a market economy and political management in developing and transition countries; the Sustainable Governance Indicators (SGI), a platform built on a cross-national survey of sustainable governance that identifies reform needs in selected EU and OECD countries; and the Facts on the European Dimension of Displacement and Asylum, a series giving facts on the situation of refugees and assesses mid-term developments and their effects on the European Union.

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