Weitere Meldungen

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: Better Crisis and Conflict Management for the EU

A successful transformation, like the one the EU is trying to achieve for peaceful development in its neighbourhood, must usher in a new approach to foreign and security policy that combines the instruments of diplomacy, development and security, which have so far been used in isolation.

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: Regional Cooperation

Association agreements and, in particular, promoting regional cooperation in places where accession to the EU is out of the question or a long way off should contribute to stabilization and pacification, and thereby to the development of a prospering and peaceful neighbourhood.

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: The "Neighbours of the Neighbours"

The (power) interests of the governments of Russia, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia are increasingly contradicting the EU’s transformation agenda and are partly aimed at destabilizing neighbouring countries as well as the EU itself. Fresh ideas are needed for how to deal with Moscow, Ankara, Tehran and Riyadh.

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: Rule of Law and Fighting Corruption

The rule of law is crucial for stable democracy, social justice and domestic peace. Equally important is the confidence that citizens have in state institutions and their representatives. Good governance and the fight against corruption require oversight not just from institutions, but also from civil society.

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: Fair Trade and Economic Integration

The EU is keen to have its trade policies with its neighbours translate into better economic growth and higher incomes in its neighbourhood. Indeed, modernization and social stabilization will only be achieved there if more citizens benefit from rising prosperity.