"To innovate, learn and make a difference works best by throwing a glance over our frontiers."
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Reinhard Mohn Prize

The Reinhard Mohn Prize allows the Bertelsmann Stiftung to recognize innovative approaches and effective solutions to sociopolitical problems. To award the prize it carries out a global search for exemplary programs and initiatives.


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Reinhard Mohn Prize 2018

Living Diversity – Shaping Society

Cultural diversity has long since become the norm in Germany. Several different religions, traditions and languages have long been an integral part of our country. In order to ensure mutual benefits in the exchange of different perspectives while making diversity a source of societal strength, we must pro-actively shape the conditions in which diversity is experienced. read more

Joachim Gauck gives a speech at the anniversary celebration of the Bertelsmann Stiftung.


Joachim Gauck receives 2018 Reinhard Mohn Prize

This year’s Reinhard Mohn Prize on the topic of “Living Diversity - Shaping Society” goes to former German President Joachim Gauck. The Bertelsmann Stiftung recognizes Gauck as a bridge builder in a culturally diverse society. read more

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Diwali celebrations

International Research

Diwali Leicester – Embracing Diversity

Leicester’s strategy for learning to live together in diversity is based on the idea of building acceptance for all cultural identities as they are practiced. A variety of discussion forums helps develop good relations across the spectrum of local cultural and religious communities. read more

Junge Menschen unterschiedlicher Herkunft Am Rande eines Parks

Excerpt from change Magazine 2/2017

Cities are “laboratories” of communal life

Germany has long been the country of immigration that it doesn’t yet officially want to be. An unbiased reality-check of one’s own personal environment as well as countless social-science studies provide ample proof of this. read more

Grote Markt, Mechelen

International research

Living in cultural diversity: Samen Inburgeren

The Samen Inburgeren project in Mechelen (Belgium) advances the experience of living together in diversity by bringing together local long-term residents with newcomers with non-Belgian origins. read more

The streets of El Raval, Barcelona

International Research

Tot Raval – We are all Raval!

Barcelona’s Raval district is one of Europe’s most densely populated neighborhoods. Nearly 50,000 residents from more than 40 countries live here in a space of around one square kilometer. The Tot Raval Foundation works to promote harmonious coexistence within this local diversity. read more

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Bart Somers discusses his strategy for navigating cultural diversity

The international research we conduct for the Reinhard Mohn Prize 2018, which involves identifying cities and other locations where the benefits of living in diversity are evident, brought us to the city of Mechelen in Belgium. Mechelen mayor Bart Somers was awarded the World Mayor Prize 2016 for his successfully meeting the challenges inherent to cultural diversity in urban environments. In the video featured here, 2016’s best mayor in the world talks about his strategy. read more


Tariq Modood on religion as a key dimension of cultural diversity

In our interview, Professor Tariq Modood from the University of Bristol emphasizes the significance of religion for current debates on cultural diversity and discusses how we can shape the coexistence of religious and secular identities in society together. read more


Francesca Lionetti on how cities can lead the way in managing diversity

As culturally diverse environments, cities must develop sound strategies for communal living. The Council of Europe’s Francesca Lionetti introduces the Intercultural Cities Programme and explains how cities can show the way forward in managing diversity issues. read more


Iva Krtalic on cultural diversity in the German media

The media have a great impact on our perception of diversity - do they handle this responsibility adequately? How is diversity portrayed in the German media? In this video, Iva Krtalic from West German Broadcasting (WDR) explains how good practice in the media looks like in a diverse society. read more


Oliver Schmidtke on diversity in Canada and teachings for Germany

"Learning from the world" is the motto of the Reinhard Mohn Prize. We spoke to Professor Oliver Schmidtke of the University of Victoria about what Germany can learn from Canada in dealing with cultural diversity. In this video, he provides insights into Canada's experience and points out prospects for Germany. read more


Volker Heins on the future of Germany as a pluralistic society

The future of German society is culturally diverse. In this video, Professor Volker Heins from the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities in Essen (KWI) explains which tasks our society faces in the future and which factors will be important for living together in cultural diversity. read more


Summer School – Social Cohesion in a World of Increasing Diversity

In June/July 2017, the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS) and the Bertelsmann Stiftung jointly organized a summer school on "Social Cohesion in a World of Increasing Diversity". read more

A Look Back

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Reinhard Mohn hands out the Carl Bertelsmann Prize 1997 to Lodewijk de Waal and Hans Blankert.


From the Carl Bertelsmann Prize to the present

All prizewinners for the Carl Bertelsmann Prize (awarded from 1988 to 2008) and the Reinhard Mohn Prize (from 2011 on) can be found here. read more

Toomas Hendrik Ilves with the Reinhard Mohn Prize 2017, Liz Mohn and Brigitte Mohn

Reinhard Mohn Prize

The Reinhard Mohn Prize 2017 – The award year in review

Better quality of life, opportunities for development, and local participation through digitalization – the Reinhard Mohn Prize 2017 addressed the challenges of the 21st century. Intelligent technology and networks should foster social inclusion, while ensuring living conditions in rural regions equivalent to those in cities. read more


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Reinhard Mohn Prize 2017

Smart Country – Connected. Intelligent. Digital.

As the digital divide between urban and rural regions grows, not everyone everywhere benefits from the opportunities of digital transformation. read more

Reinhard Mohn Prize 2016

Responsible Entrepreneurship

Meeting the societal effects of demographic change, globalization, digitization and growing social inequality requires collective action on the part of government, civil society and the private sector. read more

Reinhard Mohn Prize 2015

A Fair Deal on Talent – Fostering Just Migration Governance

If well managed, migration generates benefits for migrants, their countries of origin and the countries they settle in. read more

Reinhard Mohn Prize 2013

Winning Strategies for a Sustainable Future

Today, we know that sustainability is the great challenge of the 21st century. The guiding principle of sustainable development implies taking economic, social and environmental concerns into account. read more