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Reinhard Mohn Prize

The Reinhard Mohn Prize allows the Bertelsmann Stiftung to recognize innovative approaches and effective solutions to sociopolitical problems. To award the prize it carries out a global search for exemplary programs and initiatives.

Contact Persons

Foto Daniel Schraad-Tischler
Dr. Daniel Schraad-Tischler
Foto Jan C. Breitinger
Dr. Jan C. Breitinger
Project Manager
Foto Norbert Osterwinter
Norbert Osterwinter
Project Manager
Foto Daniela Schmidt
Daniela Schmidt
Project Assistant
Foto Anja Bedford
Anja Bedford
Project Assistant

Reinhard Mohn Prize 2020

Fostering Innovation. Unlocking Potential.

Eine junge Frau malt mit einem Marker an einer großen Glühbirne, Symbolbild für neue Ideenfindung.

Publication series

Innovation for Transformation

Innovation is a crucial to creating a socially and environmentally sustainable economic and societal order. Drawing on a worldwide good practice research, this study series formulates actionable recommendations to advance innovation policy.

5 Publications - Innovation for Transformation

Reinhard Mohn Prize 2020

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To innovate, learn and make a difference works best by throwing a glance over our frontiers.

Reinhard Mohn